Mallorca Airport Flights to and from Germany

Dusseldorf International Flights To DUS  |  Flights From DUS
223 weekly flights
Cologne Flights To CGN  |  Flights From CGN
179 weekly flights
Hamburg Flights To HAM  |  Flights From HAM
157 weekly flights
Munich Flights To MUC  |  Flights From MUC
145 weekly flights
Frankfurt Flights To FRA  |  Flights From FRA
138 weekly flights
Berlin Brandenburg Flights To BER  |  Flights From BER
137 weekly flights
Stuttgart Flights To STR  |  Flights From STR
103 weekly flights
Hanover Flights To HAJ  |  Flights From HAJ
96 weekly flights
Nürnberg Flights To NUE  |  Flights From NUE
80 weekly flights
Muenster Osnabrueck Flights To FMO  |  Flights From FMO
73 weekly flights
Karlsruhe Baden Baden Flights To FKB  |  Flights From FKB
57 weekly flights
Paderborn Flights To PAD  |  Flights From PAD
48 weekly flights
Leipzig Halle Flights To LEJ  |  Flights From LEJ
42 weekly flights
Bremen Flights To BRE  |  Flights From BRE
41 weekly flights
Dortmund Flights To DTM  |  Flights From DTM
34 weekly flights
Memmingen Flights To FMM  |  Flights From FMM
32 weekly flights
Dusseldorf Weeze Flights To NRN  |  Flights From NRN
30 weekly flights
Saarbruecken Flights To SCN  |  Flights From SCN
28 weekly flights
Dresden Flights To DRS  |  Flights From DRS
22 weekly flights
Hahn Flights To HHN  |  Flights From HHN
21 weekly flights
Erfurt Flights To ERF  |  Flights From ERF
11 weekly flights
Friedrichshafen Flights To FDH  |  Flights From FDH
10 weekly flights
Lübeck Flights To LBC  |  Flights From LBC
8 weekly flights
Kassel Flights To KSF  |  Flights From KSF
4 weekly flights
Siegen Flights From SGE
1 weekly flights

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Airports in Germany with Connections to Mallorca Airport


Useful Information about Mallorca Airport

Passenger Traffic at Mallorca Airport Recovers by 3% in September 2023

Palma Mallorca Airport experienced a remarkable recovery in passenger numbers, with a 2.58% increase compared to September 2019...

Palma Mallorca Airport Passenger Numbers Soar 5% in Third Quarter 2023

Palma Mallorca Airport Passenger Numbers Break Records in Q3, Surpassing Pre-Pandemic Levels by 5.49%

4% Net Gain in July Passenger Numbers at Mallorca Airport

Mallorca Airport experienced growth in passenger numbers during July where there was a 4% net gain in passenger numbers when comparing July 2023 to July 2019...

Mallorca Airport Experiences 4.30% Surge in Passenger Numbers Since Q2 2019

According to the data, since the pandemic the passenger numbers at Mallorca Airport have increased by 4.30% from Q2 2019 to Q2 2023...